Tips for Going to Breweries with Kids

-Bring things for them to do—Something to color on, books, etc…heck now bring your Ipad!
-Ask if they have a root beer or ginger ale on tap. Most breweries do and then your half pint feels pretty special!
-Have a designate driver or a friend who is driving!!–My hubby and I take turns being the DD!…keep those half pints safe!
-Call ahead to make sure they allow kids in (or check with us!)
-Bring kid friendly snacks.
-A lot of breweries don’t have kid friendly seating…we purchased a Ciao! High Chair and LOVE it.
-Talk with your kids about how to behave, offer them a reward if they are good the entire time!
-Look for brewery tours…these are fun for all ages of kids, it gives them lots of stuff to look at!
-Get a growler to go! You can still enjoy the brewery in the comfort of your own home!

Don’t be nervous about taking your kiddos to breweries. People that work in breweries (in general) tend to be very happy people and many have half pints themselves. Go with the idea that you are going to enjoy yourself and have a fun time with your family.

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