Hopworks Urban Brewery-Portland, OR


Wow, am I behind on updating you all on some great kid friendly breweries! They are popping up faster than I can keep up; and I’m not complaining!! As always, follow me on twitter for more up to date information—but now I’m going to get a little more in detail about some of the places we’ve visited.

First up!—Hopworks. Despite what it looks like from the front this is a HUGE brewery and restaurant located in Portland. All you have to do is drive around back and you will see all the big tanks, gorgeous hops and LOTS of parking (take note of this, so you don’t try to squeeze into the front parking lot).

Best of all this place was MADE to bring your kids to. First there is the play area. With books, chalkboards, toys and everything else you can image to keep your half pint happy until their food comes. We were lucky and they sat us RIGHT next to the kid’s area (some may not find that lucky, but for us when we can sip our beer and still see our kid playing with trains it is a win).


The kid’s menu is another highlight of this kid friendly establishment. It’s very reasonably priced (only 4.75 per meal) and your kids can choose from the standard pub fair AND also get apples, veggies or our fries and apple juice or milk. Along with this they have BABY food on the menu (how cool is that?!).

Along with the menu and play area they also have kid friendly events throughout the year at both this pub and their “BikeBar” also located in Portland.  You can visit http://hopworksbeer.com/families to find these events.

The adult food and beverages were also good. The sampler platter is HUGE so if you get that I highly recommend sharing.


If you are in the Portland area I highly recommend checking this place out whether you have half pints in tow or not.

Mom’s Favorite Brew: Survival Stout

Dad’s Favorite Brew: Secession CDA