Powerhouse Brewery-Puyallup, WA

The Powerhouse is a must stop for a pint if you are in the Puyallup area. This kid-friendly brewery has great beer, wonderful atmosphere and yummy food.

When people come to visit us this is one of the places we always take them to for a pint. My favorite beer that they have is their Scotch Ale, although I almost always get as sampler! When you order your sampler you get to choose from two different ones, I just always ask for the one without the hefeweisen. Normally I like a good hefe, but theirs is a little too banana-y for me.

The really cool thing about the Powerhouse is it is an old power plant. Because of this your kids will love being able to look at all the power plant decor they have (our son loves all the zapping noises!).

The only downfall is this is a very small place—so if your half pint is a little rowdy you may want to save this one for date night OR go when it’s not a peak time.

Please check this local gem out. My food recommendation is the fish tacos Cajun style…delicious!



  • Again, it’s small so plan on a bit of a wait
  • Order the sweet potato friends (mmmmm)
  • If it’s a rare sunny warm day sit outside!…it’s nice and shaded for your half pint and there is more room

Website: http://www.powerhousebrewpub.com