Redhook Brewery-Woodinville, WA

**Updated on 5/12/14

We recently visited Redhook and didn’t have as good as experience as we’ve had in the past. On the positive the food was great (Way better then it used to be), but the service was awful and the server did not seem knowledgeable of beer.

The tour also costs $5 per person now, so be aware of that if you head up there.


We finally got to take our half pint with us on the actual tour of Redhook in Woodinville this weekend!!!

This is a GIANT brewery with a restaurant that we like to frequent because their beers can’t be beat and they do have a large variety on their menu (normally, see info about the remodel below)! Plus this place is VERY kiddo friendly. The only time minors aren’t welcome is Friday and Saturday AFTER 9…but that is TOTALLY understandable!

Flynn LOVED the tour (that is until he fell asleep…probably from the drive and all the excitement in the restaurant!). Our tour guide (I think his name was Dave…I swore I’d remember) was great. He was really funny and when our half pint let out a few quick cries as he was falling asleep he didn’t miss a beat and made it into a joke. As a parent you always appreciate that because you don’t want to be the annoying people with the crying kid:)

On another note, my dad has been undergoing some treatments lately and can’t walk so this was great for him! The lady at the hostess desk told us that if there weren’t chairs for him in there to come let us know and she would bring one in. It was great because he was able to enjoy the tour without having to move around. They also have an elevator up to the tour–so this is a great trip not only for half pints, but also for those of you traveling with someone who needs extra assistance!

We ALWAYS take visitors on this tour when they come to town. It’s an hour long, only costs a dollar, you get to try lots of beers, and there isn’t any walking (perfect for those in our position with a kiddo and my dad).

The only complaint I have is they were out of Blackhook Porter, one of my top 10 beers of all time! They made up for it though by having a delicious brew called After Midnight on tap that we got to sample…mmmmm.

It should also be noted that they are currently under construction so the restaurant isn’t running at full capacity. I think they are really smart though–they have a scaled down menu, a smaller restaurant area…but still the great service and people you expect at Redhook! No complaints from this family on the restaurant part (just the Blackhook part…haha). We will update when they have things up and running at full capacity again.

So take a visit up to Woodinville during spring break or sometime this weekend, you will not be disappointed!!



Mom’s Favorite Brew: Blackhook Porter (man, I wish they still sold this in bottles!)

Dad’s Favorite Brew: Redhook ESB

Powerhouse Brewery-Puyallup, WA

The Powerhouse is a must stop for a pint if you are in the Puyallup area. This kid-friendly brewery has great beer, wonderful atmosphere and yummy food.

When people come to visit us this is one of the places we always take them to for a pint. My favorite beer that they have is their Scotch Ale, although I almost always get as sampler! When you order your sampler you get to choose from two different ones, I just always ask for the one without the hefeweisen. Normally I like a good hefe, but theirs is a little too banana-y for me.

The really cool thing about the Powerhouse is it is an old power plant. Because of this your kids will love being able to look at all the power plant decor they have (our son loves all the zapping noises!).

The only downfall is this is a very small place—so if your half pint is a little rowdy you may want to save this one for date night OR go when it’s not a peak time.

Please check this local gem out. My food recommendation is the fish tacos Cajun style…delicious!



  • Again, it’s small so plan on a bit of a wait
  • Order the sweet potato friends (mmmmm)
  • If it’s a rare sunny warm day sit outside!…it’s nice and shaded for your half pint and there is more room


Finnriver Farm and Cidery-Chimacum, WA

Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Well it may not be a brewery, but they are still half pint friendly and they still have booze…so cheers to Finnriver Farm and Cidery!

This great place is located in Chimacum, and is a VERY kiddo friendly place! We visited a few weekends during the Olympic Wineries Red Wine and Chocolate Festival. This is a great place if you like ciders (and even if you don’t, try theirs…you might be surprised). It’s  an actual working farm which makes it perfect for the half pints!

We love this place because everyone in our family is happy. My husband loves the hard cider break from wineries; I love their pear cider (and I’m a PICKY cider drinker); and Flynn loves the mud and puppies!

As I mentioned we visited during the Red Wine and Chocolate tour and we loved it. Even the people in our party who thought they might not like the cider loved it. Their cider is not super sweet, but it has great flavor and good carbonation. I can’t get enough of their pear cider and my new obsession is their Spirited Apple Wine–I can’t wait to sit around a camp fire and drink it!

I can’t say enough great things about this place. We had such a special time there. The lady that did our tasting in the tasting room was great (I really wish I would have gotten her name, she was amazing), and I got to talk to the owner a bit when I purchased my bottles–she took me and showed me the champagne racks (I love extra touches like that!).

If you are in the Olympic Peninsula area please stop by here! You and your half pint won’t forget or regret it! Your kid will love the mud and fun of the farm and you can enjoy some hard cider.



  • They have an outdoor pizza oven, so check their website for events
  • This IS a working farm, so plan on getting muddy and having your nugget get muddy!
  • ALL the Olympic Wineries are kid friendly!—Visit them, they are great!


Three Creeks Brewing-Sisters, OR

Sister, Oregon is home to a lot of great things that your half pint will love. It is also home to a place with great pints called “Three Creek’s Brewing.” This is another great kid-friendly brewery with amazing food and some wonderful beers!

Located on the edge of town by the movie theater this is a fun place to stop in with your kid because they have a great selection of kid friendly foods like burgers and pizza. They also have the BEST sweet potato fries I have ever had…so crispy!

Another big plus is they have areal big dinning area so you don’t have to wait too long. The restaurant has lots of fun things to for your half-pint to look at like great paintings and wall decor!  If you leave your little ones at home they also have a nice size bar with great seating!

We like to stop here and grab food and a pint before we head out to explore Sisters. I always get a taster tray here because I can’t decide which beer I want, but my husband LOVES their Stone Fly Rye.

After you finish your grub and brews head into town and check out all the great shops! My husbands favorite is the fly shop of course!



  • If you have more than one day in Sisters check out the brewery and then Slicks-Q! It is a yummy BBQ place!
  • If you go in the summer take advantage of the wonderful patio
  • Download the Bend Ales Trail map! You get to check in at all the breweries (including Three Creeks) and you can get free stuff at the end!


Reuben’s Brews-Seattle, WA

Located in Ballard this a fun little brewery that I LOVE!!! It is located in the bottom of a building filled with lofts.  The brewery is actually named after the owner’s son (yea half pints!). Not only do they allow your little half pints but they also allow well behaved pooches!! Double bonus for our clan!

One of the best things about this place is they have lots of Rye beers which we happen to LOVE!! Their beers really are fantastic–I haven’t had one there that I don’t like.

Along with great beers you can also bring your own food! I really like when places that don’t serve food allow this…it’s such a great option especially if you have your hp’s with ya! The Ballard Market is close by and they have great snacks, salads and sandwiches. You could also hit up my personal favorite the El Camino Taco Truck that is right down the road and bring that in also.

A few more tips, parking can be a bit of a pain…so be prepared to maybe have to walk a little bit. The good part is there is a median you can park in, and street parking

So grab your kiddos and head down to the Ballard area and stop off at Reuben’s…you will NOT be sorry!!


Mom’s Favorite Brew: American Rye

Dad’s Favorite Brew: American Rye (We agree!!!)

Iron Goat-Spokane, WA

We recently visited the Iron Goat on a trip to Spokane to visit my brother. We called ahead to see if minors were allowed. We were told that they were as long as they were “under control.” I have no issues with that at all! I think it’s great when places are honest about their expectations! Our minor at the time was asleep in his car seat so we figured he would be fine, and he was!

This is a very small establishment so I completely understand why they want well behaved nuggets only. I suggest visiting if you have a nice and quite kid or a baby…otherwise, hold off on this one. What a fun great location though! You feel like you are lost in a not-so-nice part of Spokane and then out of nowhere this really great old brick building pops out of nowhere, the inside is awesome!

The beers were great! They don’t serve food but you can bring your own in which I always appreciate!


Mom’s Favorite Brew: Goatmeal Stout

Dad’s Favorite Brew: Head Butt IPA