Schooner Exact Brewing Co.-Seattle


One of my new favorite places to take our half pint is the Schooner Exact Brewing Co. restaurant in Seattle. We happened upon it one day when we were in Seattle on a Saturday playing tourist with some friends. We had planned to go there for lunch, but when we stopped we found out they just had brunch going on. Starving we went ahead and ordered–and I had the sandwich that I now compare all other breakfast sandwiches to–the McClung Steak melt. Everyone we were with fell in love with their amazing breakfast/brunch foods.

So enough about the food–lets talk about how kid friendly they are. They have a kids play corner with lots of books, toys and a train set. They also have several tables that are chalk-top so that kids (and adults) can color while eating. Their kid’s menu is anything but normal–which was perfect for our kid. They had pizza and grilled cheese, but also had items like ants on an apple (raisins and PB on an apple), baguette and cheese (which is all our kid wants to eat anyway!), and a PB, Banana and Bacon sandwich called the Elvis. The drink that comes with it is also served in a water bottle type cup for easy drinking for your half pint.image2

We had minors ranging in age from our son (who is 2.5), to a middle schooler, to two high schoolers–and they all loved the menu and had fun at Schooner. The older kids really liked all the fun soda flavors they had like Cucumber, Blood Orange, Mexi-Coke and Vanilla Bean.

The adults (as I’ve already mentioned) loved the food; and we loved the beer too. They have a great sampler that lets you try all their beers; and if you have someone with you who is not into beer with brunch they also have Mimosa’s.

The location was a little hard for us to find, but once we did it was another thing we really liked about it. It’s in the industrial area right past the West Seattle bridge. If you are like us and coming from the south it’s nice to have a brewery you can hit up without having to go through the entire city.

We have been back several times since our original visit and will be back again soon! Cheers!!

Mom’s Favorite Brew:Profanity Hill Porter

Dad’s Favorite Brew: Three Grid IPA

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