Schooner Exact Brewing Co.-Seattle


One of my new favorite places to take our half pint is the Schooner Exact Brewing Co. restaurant in Seattle. We happened upon it one day when we were in Seattle on a Saturday playing tourist with some friends. We had planned to go there for lunch, but when we stopped we found out they just had brunch going on. Starving we went ahead and ordered–and I had the sandwich that I now compare all other breakfast sandwiches to–the McClung Steak melt. Everyone we were with fell in love with their amazing breakfast/brunch foods.

So enough about the food–lets talk about how kid friendly they are. They have a kids play corner with lots of books, toys and a train set. They also have several tables that are chalk-top so that kids (and adults) can color while eating. Their kid’s menu is anything but normal–which was perfect for our kid. They had pizza and grilled cheese, but also had items like ants on an apple (raisins and PB on an apple), baguette and cheese (which is all our kid wants to eat anyway!), and a PB, Banana and Bacon sandwich called the Elvis. The drink that comes with it is also served in a water bottle type cup for easy drinking for your half pint.image2

We had minors ranging in age from our son (who is 2.5), to a middle schooler, to two high schoolers–and they all loved the menu and had fun at Schooner. The older kids really liked all the fun soda flavors they had like Cucumber, Blood Orange, Mexi-Coke and Vanilla Bean.

The adults (as I’ve already mentioned) loved the food; and we loved the beer too. They have a great sampler that lets you try all their beers; and if you have someone with you who is not into beer with brunch they also have Mimosa’s.

The location was a little hard for us to find, but once we did it was another thing we really liked about it. It’s in the industrial area right past the West Seattle bridge. If you are like us and coming from the south it’s nice to have a brewery you can hit up without having to go through the entire city.

We have been back several times since our original visit and will be back again soon! Cheers!!

Mom’s Favorite Brew:Profanity Hill Porter

Dad’s Favorite Brew: Three Grid IPA

Buoy Beer Company-Astoria, OR


We just got back from a wonderful spring break, and we FINALLY had a chance to stop at Buoy Beer Co. in Astoria. It seems like lately when we have headed down to the Coast we are passing through Astoria a little to late to stop, so we were happy to get to stop for lunch!11146266_10155366028325324_3226330018039049170_n

When we pulled up to the brewery we were greeted with the barking sounds of Sea Lions. So we had to take a little detour and go look the lions that were lounging under the pier. Little did we know that once we got inside we would be able to see them louning under the restaurant! One of the very cool and half pint friendly thing about this place is the glass floor where you can see through to the water below (only bad part was we couldn’t tear our son away!). Untitled-3

When we got there (around 1) they were really busy, and it was about a 20 minute wait to sit out in the main restaurant, or no wait to sit in the tap room…so we opted for the tap room. The hostess told us that if you want to get a seat in the restaurant it’s best to get there right when they open at 11. I actually liked it better because there was a little more room to move, and with a kid in tow you always want to eat as soon as possible.

They were out of a lot of their beers while we were there, so we didn’t get to try a few that I was really looking forward to trying–but I liked their pale.

The food was your normal coast bar food, and I would have liked to see a few non-fried seafood options…but it was a nice menu. I really wish we had tried more appetizers, because as we saw them coming out to tables around us I was getting jealous!! This place is super kid friendly however, and I recommend it to families if they are passing through.

Mom’s Favorite Brew: The Pale

Dad’s Favorite Brew: The Pale (wow…we agreed!)

Pacific Brewing & Malting Co.-Tacoma, WA


Happy (late) Easter to you all! This year my brother came to visit us from Spokane–so we took him to the zoo, and then promptly rewarded him with a trip to the Hub and then to Pacific Brewing for some cold beverages!!

This great place is located off Pacific in downtown Tacoma and has some of my favorite brewery items: long tables, glass where you can see the tanks, brick, games…and it’s kid friendly.

brew1Right when we walked in they offered my son a free apple juice box. This is such a great idea, and it’s nice to see that more places starting to do this. Along with the free juice for kids they also offer lots of different board games to keep them happy while you are sampling some of their great brews.

Other kid friendly amenities included a changing table in the bathroom…which you don’t see a lot, so as a mom I thought it was pretty cool (yes, when you have a half pint with you, you tend to notice these things!).

They don’t have food, but sometimes have a food truck (and you can check their twitter for that). They also allow you to bring food in from one of the local restaurants (or your backpack if you are a parent carrying around crackers:)).

Board GamesWe had a little trouble finding it at first, so check out their website for the best directions AND parking info. The beer here was REALLY good though, so it’s worth finding this gem in Tacoma.


Mom’s Favorite Brew: Citra Pale Ale

Dad’s Favorite Brew: Galaxy IPA