Old Mill Brew Werks-Bend, OR

One of the places that we visited for lunch while we were there was Old Mill Brew Werks in the Old Mill District. They have recently moved to much larger and spacious location…which was really nice. Because of the recent move they were still working out a lot of kinks (they were out of a lot of things, server wasn’t super knowledgeable of the beer) but everything was great.

First, they are kid friendly! They don’t have a children’s menu yet, but they said they are working on it and they still made our little half pint a rockin’ grilled cheese sandwich. Everyone there is super nice also. They have an open kitchen, and the people in the kitchen kept waving and making faces at Flynn so he loved it!picstitch

The food is wonderful here. They have homemade chips (which I’m obsessed with), great sandwiches and most importantly great beer. I tried their pear cider actually because the waitress thought that they made it, I couldn’t find it on uptapped so I went to ask the bartender and he informed me that it was not their own. My husband and his dad had the sampler though and it was a great sampler with yummy beer (I loved the red and the stout).

This place also has a great view. If it is nice out I would highly recommend sitting outside because they had a porch that over looked the river toward the stacks at REI. Definitely check out this off the beaten path place. The food really is great and so is the atmosphere!

Mom’s Favorite Brew: The Blonde
Dad’s Favorite Brew: The IPA