Lake Chelan Brewery-Manson, WA

If you are a beer lover one of the downfalls of the Chelan area is there is only one brewery. The good news is it is a great place and it is half pint friendly!

Once again we were the only people in the brewery the first time we went (yes we went twice…what can I say, it was in walking distance). We all got the sampler so that we could try their beers and it was great. They had four beers but you got VERY generous samples of all four. My favorite was the Manson Beach Blonde, but my husband and his friend both really liked the Devil’s Backbone IPA. The other two beers they had were an Irish Stout and a Red Amber.

Our waitress when we were there was wonderful. She was super nice to us and our kiddos and even gave my husband and his pal tips on places to go fishing. We didn’t order food until the 2nd time we went and we weren’t disappointed. The wings were my favorite but the kids of course loved the fries! A plus, they also have chocolate milk for the kids!

The owners daughter was also there wandering around so I never felt bad making racket with the kids. And if your kids do make racket you can pick out a record (yes, record) to play on the turntable! It was pretty great, we had a little throw back with some Huey Lewis while we were there!

We highly recommend stopping by here when you are in the Chelan/Manson area. We had a great time both times we went and you will not be disappointed!



  • They didn’t have any high chairs or boosters (that we saw anyway) so plan accordingly. If you have a LITTLE half pint and don’t have a Chico travel high chair we highly recommend getting one.
  • Bring cash so you can buy a brick to draw on! They have a brick wall and markers and for a donation to the food bank you (or your kiddo) can decorate away!

flynnatchelanbrew sampler sampler2

Spring Break on Lake Chelan

Last week we had the great fun of taking our little half pint on a week long trip to Lake Chelan. Joining us were our friend Derek, his sister Tera and her daughter Reagen (Who is 9).

Most places were closed or had limited hours because it was the off season, but we still found LOTS of great half pint friendly places (And one brewery which we will post about next!)…and wanted to share them with you since we know this is a popular destination. We spent most of our time in Manson (Which is where we stayed). Below is some info on some of the wineries and restaurants we went to. I will be posting about wht is really important (The brewery:)) in an upcoming blog! Cheers!

We visited several wineries while we were there and they all let our son and our friends daughter in and were VERY accommodating to them.

1.) The Blending Room (Mason): Great place with great wine. This is a very small tasting room but has a great outside area. I think if you came in the spring or summer and your little one could run around outside you would be fine–but if it is busy in the tasting room it could get pretty crowded. This was one of my favorite places because the owner was very knowledgeable but not too over the top (sometimes at wineries I want to say…stop talking, let me taste). The owner also had two great pooches which made our half pint VERY amused!

blendingroom blendingroom2

2.) Wapato Point Cellars (Manson): Great wine, but not as inviting as The Blending Room. I felt like we were bothering the lady while we were tasting and she spent most of the time tying ribbons to cards (not sure what she was making), and not paying attention to us. Also LOTS of breakable things in the tasting room. The HUGE HUGE HUGE plus of this if you have a little one is they have great grounds that even include a play area!!

3.) Firehouse Winery (Manson): This place had a great set up and lots of fun things to look at, but they carry wines from other wineries(which was interesting). They didn’t have our favorite wines and the guy that showed us the wines was VERY chatty–but they did have my new favorite summer treat…a wine slushy! They were also very kid friendly, the guy who was showing us the wines also gave us a grape starter and showed Reagan how to tie a knot with a giant rope:)


4.) Lake Chelan Winery (Chelan): Definitely our favorite of the wineries. The wines were amazing, the man that showed us the wines was great and they had lots of stuff for the kiddos to look at. They also had a cheese tasting place that had AMAZING cheese and the man that was running that was great too. When traveling with kiddos it’s always nice if they have a cheese tasting place because then they feel important also! We didn’t get to try one of the meet and cheese plates that they had but boy did they look yummy! HIGHLY recommend this place whether you are with or without the kids!

Westside Pizza (Chelan): This little place in Chelan had ok pizza and very kid friendly. They have by the slice you can get right away which is nice with the little ones! A pretty small place (which you will hear me say about most of the places in Chelan and Manson)–but still kiddo friendly (our son yells when he gets excited about eating, and no one seemed to mind). One point (that my husband and Derek were NOT happy about) no alcohol here at all…just soda.

Local Myth Pizza (Chelan): LOVED this pizza place. We happened to run into the owner when we were tasting at the Blending Room and so we stopped by. Once again, pretty small joint but AMAZING pizza. They have a great lunch special too where you get one of  their daily slice feature (2 to choose from) and a BIG salad (a real salad…not some dinky one: Greek, spinach or Caesar) all for only 8 bucks. They also had great beer on tap, lots of 22oz beer options, lots of wine (including one on tap!), and great kid options. Our friends daughter ordered a cheese pizza and loved it AND they gave her a sucker as she left.

Sunset Grill (Manson): We really liked this place a lot…but could see how if it was a busy time of year it wouldn’t be great if you had kids–but for us it was great. Their was a bartender/waitress working and she was so nice to us–she came over and visited with our friend about her snake since he has one too. They do have a kids menu and high chairs which is nice, the waitress also brought out part of our sons meal early since he was hungry! Lots of wonderful beers on tap and the food was AMAZING.

All and all we had a wonderful trip there and LOVED the sun. We are already planning a trip back this summer so we can try more open places and of course enjoy more sunshine!

Redhook Brewery-Woodinville, WA

**Updated on 5/12/14

We recently visited Redhook and didn’t have as good as experience as we’ve had in the past. On the positive the food was great (Way better then it used to be), but the service was awful and the server did not seem knowledgeable of beer.

The tour also costs $5 per person now, so be aware of that if you head up there.


We finally got to take our half pint with us on the actual tour of Redhook in Woodinville this weekend!!!

This is a GIANT brewery with a restaurant that we like to frequent because their beers can’t be beat and they do have a large variety on their menu (normally, see info about the remodel below)! Plus this place is VERY kiddo friendly. The only time minors aren’t welcome is Friday and Saturday AFTER 9…but that is TOTALLY understandable!

Flynn LOVED the tour (that is until he fell asleep…probably from the drive and all the excitement in the restaurant!). Our tour guide (I think his name was Dave…I swore I’d remember) was great. He was really funny and when our half pint let out a few quick cries as he was falling asleep he didn’t miss a beat and made it into a joke. As a parent you always appreciate that because you don’t want to be the annoying people with the crying kid:)

On another note, my dad has been undergoing some treatments lately and can’t walk so this was great for him! The lady at the hostess desk told us that if there weren’t chairs for him in there to come let us know and she would bring one in. It was great because he was able to enjoy the tour without having to move around. They also have an elevator up to the tour–so this is a great trip not only for half pints, but also for those of you traveling with someone who needs extra assistance!

We ALWAYS take visitors on this tour when they come to town. It’s an hour long, only costs a dollar, you get to try lots of beers, and there isn’t any walking (perfect for those in our position with a kiddo and my dad).

The only complaint I have is they were out of Blackhook Porter, one of my top 10 beers of all time! They made up for it though by having a delicious brew called After Midnight on tap that we got to sample…mmmmm.

It should also be noted that they are currently under construction so the restaurant isn’t running at full capacity. I think they are really smart though–they have a scaled down menu, a smaller restaurant area…but still the great service and people you expect at Redhook! No complaints from this family on the restaurant part (just the Blackhook part…haha). We will update when they have things up and running at full capacity again.

So take a visit up to Woodinville during spring break or sometime this weekend, you will not be disappointed!!



Mom’s Favorite Brew: Blackhook Porter (man, I wish they still sold this in bottles!)

Dad’s Favorite Brew: Redhook ESB