Finnriver Farm and Cidery-Chimacum, WA

Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Well it may not be a brewery, but they are still half pint friendly and they still have booze…so cheers to Finnriver Farm and Cidery!

This great place is located in Chimacum, and is a VERY kiddo friendly place! We visited a few weekends during the Olympic Wineries Red Wine and Chocolate Festival. This is a great place if you like ciders (and even if you don’t, try theirs…you might be surprised). It’s  an actual working farm which makes it perfect for the half pints!

We love this place because everyone in our family is happy. My husband loves the hard cider break from wineries; I love their pear cider (and I’m a PICKY cider drinker); and Flynn loves the mud and puppies!

As I mentioned we visited during the Red Wine and Chocolate tour and we loved it. Even the people in our party who thought they might not like the cider loved it. Their cider is not super sweet, but it has great flavor and good carbonation. I can’t get enough of their pear cider and my new obsession is their Spirited Apple Wine–I can’t wait to sit around a camp fire and drink it!

I can’t say enough great things about this place. We had such a special time there. The lady that did our tasting in the tasting room was great (I really wish I would have gotten her name, she was amazing), and I got to talk to the owner a bit when I purchased my bottles–she took me and showed me the champagne racks (I love extra touches like that!).

If you are in the Olympic Peninsula area please stop by here! You and your half pint won’t forget or regret it! Your kid will love the mud and fun of the farm and you can enjoy some hard cider.



  • They have an outdoor pizza oven, so check their website for events
  • This IS a working farm, so plan on getting muddy and having your nugget get muddy!
  • ALL the Olympic Wineries are kid friendly!—Visit them, they are great!


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