Powerhouse Brewery-Puyallup, WA

The Powerhouse is a must stop for a pint if you are in the Puyallup area. This kid-friendly brewery has great beer, wonderful atmosphere and yummy food.

When people come to visit us this is one of the places we always take them to for a pint. My favorite beer that they have is their Scotch Ale, although I almost always get as sampler! When you order your sampler you get to choose from two different ones, I just always ask for the one without the hefeweisen. Normally I like a good hefe, but theirs is a little too banana-y for me.

The really cool thing about the Powerhouse is it is an old power plant. Because of this your kids will love being able to look at all the power plant decor they have (our son loves all the zapping noises!).

The only downfall is this is a very small place—so if your half pint is a little rowdy you may want to save this one for date night OR go when it’s not a peak time.

Please check this local gem out. My food recommendation is the fish tacos Cajun style…delicious!



  • Again, it’s small so plan on a bit of a wait
  • Order the sweet potato friends (mmmmm)
  • If it’s a rare sunny warm day sit outside!…it’s nice and shaded for your half pint and there is more room

Website: http://www.powerhousebrewpub.com

Pelican Brewery-Pacific City, OR

If you find yourself on a vacation down to Pacific City, Oregon chances are you will find yourself stopping at the Pelican Brewery. This is a wonderful place to stop for a pint and some quality beach time with your half pint.

This brewery is located right on the beach which means it has great views and huge crowds. We visited this summer with our son during a three day stay at Pacific Beach.  At the time that we went Flynn was not yet ready to order off the kids menu, but I did notice that they had one!

The best part is after you eat you and your kiddos (and pooches if you have them) can go play in the ocean and on the sand.

They have pretty decent food and really good beers. I ordered a sampler and my favorite was the Tsunami Stout.  Prices are a little high here, but that’s to be expected when you are right on the beach.



  • It’s sandy and it’s the Oregon Coast. So bring towels, flip flops and a windbreaker:)
  • If you are on a budget (which those of us with half pints sometimes are) pack a fun picnic and grab a growler of their beer to go!
  • If you go during tourist season, be ready for a wait…this place is very popular

website: http://www.yourlittlebeachtown.com


Deschutes Brewery-Bend, OR

As you may have realized we love Bend, Oregon. I have yet to visit a brewery there that isn’t great. Recently, with the expansion of their public house, we rekindled our love for Deschutes Brewery. In Bend there is both a Public House and an actual brewery with tours, and they are BOTH half pint friendly!

We haven’t taken Flynn on a tour yet but we did take him with us to the Public House last time we were in town and let me tell you, if you haven’t been there since the expansion it is a must! The atmosphere is better, the food is better, the wait is better and the beer…well, the beer has always been great. It is a great place to take kids because they have lots of room and the wait staff (from what we have experienced) is wonderful with the little ones.

I’m really excited for our next trip down with Flynn so he can go on his first tour of the brewery. As an adult you get to enjoy free tastings and the kiddos will love the fact that it’s a short tour (about 45 minutes) and there is LOTS to look at! The best part about all of it is it’s FREE (which when you are planning a trip with kids is always a plus).

As I mentioned the best thing about Deschutes (besides the fact that they are half pint friendly) is their great beers. A lot of people know that my husband and I are big fans of craft beer so we are often asked what our favorite beers are. Hop in the Dark from Deschutes is ALWAYS in my top 5. I’m obsessed with it, I stock up when it comes out in mid-spring. Really you can’t go wrong with any of their beers though—I mean Black Butte Porter is a staple in our fridge.

So pack up your kids and either head to the Public House for a yummy meal OR to the Brewery for a great tour! Either way I don’t think you or your half pint will be disappointed!

Mom’s Favorite Brew: (Seasonal) Hop in the Dark; (Always) Black Butte Porter

Dad’s Favorite Brew: (Seasonal) Red Chair; (Always) Inversion IPA


A great time at Deschutes as always!

A great time at Deschutes as always!


  • If your kid does have hard time standing still you can skip the tour and still just visit the brewery for a few free tastings and to check out their merchandise
  • Order the sampler at the Public House! You get to pick which beers you want—I recommend the choosing ones that are exclusive to the pub (they are labeled)
  • Bring some money for merchandise from the brewery! They have items at all different prices so you can get everything from a key chain to a bike jersey to remember your trip. Our favorite item is the half-pint onesie!

Website: www. deschutesbrewery.com

Finnriver Farm and Cidery-Chimacum, WA

Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Well it may not be a brewery, but they are still half pint friendly and they still have booze…so cheers to Finnriver Farm and Cidery!

This great place is located in Chimacum, and is a VERY kiddo friendly place! We visited a few weekends during the Olympic Wineries Red Wine and Chocolate Festival. This is a great place if you like ciders (and even if you don’t, try theirs…you might be surprised). It’s  an actual working farm which makes it perfect for the half pints!

We love this place because everyone in our family is happy. My husband loves the hard cider break from wineries; I love their pear cider (and I’m a PICKY cider drinker); and Flynn loves the mud and puppies!

As I mentioned we visited during the Red Wine and Chocolate tour and we loved it. Even the people in our party who thought they might not like the cider loved it. Their cider is not super sweet, but it has great flavor and good carbonation. I can’t get enough of their pear cider and my new obsession is their Spirited Apple Wine–I can’t wait to sit around a camp fire and drink it!

I can’t say enough great things about this place. We had such a special time there. The lady that did our tasting in the tasting room was great (I really wish I would have gotten her name, she was amazing), and I got to talk to the owner a bit when I purchased my bottles–she took me and showed me the champagne racks (I love extra touches like that!).

If you are in the Olympic Peninsula area please stop by here! You and your half pint won’t forget or regret it! Your kid will love the mud and fun of the farm and you can enjoy some hard cider.



  • They have an outdoor pizza oven, so check their website for events
  • This IS a working farm, so plan on getting muddy and having your nugget get muddy!
  • ALL the Olympic Wineries are kid friendly!—Visit them, they are great!

Website: http://www.finnriver.com/